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Q. How do I earn a certificate?

A. The Tea Etiquette Certified program is broken up in to six modules.  Each module may be completed within a 30 day period for a total of 180 days; however, if you need more time, you may take up to one year without incurring additional fees.

Testing takes place at the end of each module.

After completion and passing all six Module Lesson Plans and Tests, you will earn a Tea Etiquette Certified designation and certificate awarded by The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette, Inc.

Q. How long is my certification valid for?

A. To ensure professional, continuing education, The Tea Etiquette Certification must be renewed every three years. The small re-certification fee includes a refresher course, testing, and updated certificate upon satisfactory completion.

Q. I work full time, will I have time to do this?

A.You should have no problem completing the course even with a full time job.  We suggest you log in a few times per week to concentrate on your studies.

The program is broken up into six modules.  Each module may be completed within 30 days for a total of 180 days.  However, if you cannot finish this quickly, you are granted access for up to one year without incurring additional fees.
Shortly before the end of each module you will be sent an email with instructions for taking the test for each module.  See other FAQ concerning procedure in the event of test failure.
Q. What if I fail a test?

A. We want you to succeed.  If you fail a test, you will be notified. 

A score of 80 percent or higher is required to pass each Module test. 

After your test, we will send your grade to you via email.  If you have not passed, you may take time to review the current module in preparation to re-take a test.

Q. What is the testing procedure?

A. The certification procedure includes six training Modules.  At the end of each Module you will need to request testing procedures for that module.

Upon passing each test, you will proceed to the next Module. When you have passed all six tests, you will earn your certificate.

Q. How does a Gold or Platinum member schedule a Personal Coaching session?

A. Platinum level students are entitled to Two - One Hour Personal Coaching Sessions to be scheduled within the six month period of the course.

To schedule your Personal Coaching Session with Cynthia Grosso, Founder of the Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette, Inc., please prepare an email including your name, telephone number, email address, and membership log in nickname. 

Q. Copyright

A. All materials at the Tea Etiquette Certified website are for use by enrolled trainees only.  Materials may not be shared or replicated elsewhere.  Certain materials will be provided for your use as business resources/forms, etc.  Otherwise, all materials are intended as support during the program and may not be used outside the program or elsewhere.

The documents in the Business Resources section are permitted to be reprinted and modified for use of the Tea Etiquette Trainee ONLY. Any attempt to sell, loan, lease, sub-license or give these items to any third party is a violation of this permission and will result in a termination of the use of the program with no refund to the trainee. 

For more information, please see a copy of the Tea Etiquette Certified Trainee Agreement and other terms and conditions you agreed to when enrolling in the program. 

Q. What happens in the event of disruption?

A. Tea Etiquette Certified is a 6 part education and certification program broken up into six modules.  Your goal is to study and complete testing within 30 days for each module with overall completion and certification within or before 180 days. 

The program has been set to allow usage and study towards completion for up to one year to allow for minor disruptions or emergency situations delaying your progress.

Beyond one year of time, if you have not completed your certification, you will be charged a prorated fee to complete the remaining modules.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?

A. We would like for you to be successful and happy with the program and we are confident that you will enjoy it and benefit from it both personally and professionally.  However, if for any reason you have decided the program is not for you, you may cancel within the five days of membership by contacting us through email.  See Contact Us link on home page.





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