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Why Tea Etiquette Certification?

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The Charleston School of Protocol and The Tea House Times are pleased to announce Tea Etiquette Certification.

Why tea etiquette certification? This program is a comprehensive program of materials provided by the Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette, Inc. and published online by The Tea House Times, LLC to create an Etiquette Certified Designation for the tea professional.

Upon successful completion of the six part program, the tea professional will be awarded the Tea Etiquette Certified designation by the Charleston School of Protocol and will be able to carry and display that designation. All graduates will be awarded one month free access to for continuing education.

The Tea Etiquette Certification program is designed to be taken completely online mainly at your convenience and will allow the tea professional to gain knowledge and certification in as little as six months with successful completion of the program. 

This program, as with any other type of certification program developed by the Charleston School of Protocol, is not just about learning the etiquette of taking tea, as presenting and teaching is only one aspect of doing business.  It is understanding the professionalism of doing business, creating the atmosphere, event success, communication excellence and the success of marketing your brand….It is more inclusive and comprehensive and designed to take the tea professional and their business to a new level.

Business today takes knowledge in not just your area of expertise, but also being able to convey who you are with excellence.  Being able to market yourself as “Tea Etiquette Certified” will give your customers, clients and colleagues the understanding that you are committed to excellence, personally and professionally.   


The TEC designation will provide a distinction to tea professionals around the world to include:

  • Tea houses
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Hospitality professionals
  • Tea shops
  • Tea Industry professionals
  • Hospitality consultants

THE PROGRAM is developed in six modules and additional resources which will cover the topics listed below.

Tea Etiquette Certified is a 6 part education and certification program broken up into six modules.  Testing is completed following each module.  Your goal is to complete each module in 30 days. Completion and certification is possible within 180 days and must be completed within one year.  Please click here for FAQ policies regarding extensions of time (a fee is required to access materials beyond one year).

Business Resources – Business resources is a section of the program which includes business support materials to help in conducting business, the administration of the programs and the marketing of the programs.  

Module 1 - Professionalism and Brand Awareness - Understanding the importance of brand definition, first impressions, handshake, dress, facial expressions and personal presentation.

Module 2 - Communication Excellence – Reflecting your brand with excellence… includes verbal communication, Listening and speaking, telephone etiquette, email, social media, techno etiquette, correspondence etiquette and more.

Module 3 – Networking Excellence – Networking, titles and honorifics, Business card protocol, introductions, the importance of names, etc.  

Module 4 – Event Success – Meeting host etiquette, guest etiquette, gift etiquette, re-gifting, seating protocol, presenting at a meeting/event and invitations.  

Module 5 – Creating the Atmosphere for Tea – This module includes understanding the enjoyment of taking tea, which may be enhanced by the atmosphere created. Topics discussed are fulfillment of the senses…sensory enjoyment; sounds, smells, visuals, taste and feel, types of teas events and customer service.

Module 6 – Tea Etiquette – This module is about proper tea service, pouring, handling the cup, proper accompaniments, conversation, food, etc.

As you can see, the first three modules are basically on the professionalism of doing business and the last three modules are on the etiquette of the event.

Each of the six modules as stated will include the following learning tools to assist in your education at all levels of membership.

  • Visual presentations provided by Cynthia Grosso, one of the nation’s leading experts on the subject of protocol and etiquette.
  • Learning in an audio format
  • Notes and handouts downloadable in a PDF format
  • Lesson Plan outlining the topics and objective for each module
  • Online test submitted for each module.  Each participant must receive a passing grade for all six modules to receive the TEC designation
  • Resource list for websites, additional reading lists and other resources which may assist in the knowledge and understanding of each module.

This Tea Etiquette Certification (TEC) program is a cost effective program with varying levels of support to meet the needs of the participants.  Your goal is to complete all six modules in six months, however, if you have an unforeseen disruption to your studies, program materials are available to you for up to one year. Beyond one year, you will pay a prorated fee to continue any unfinished modules.

The TEC program has two levels of support to include:

GOLD Level Participation – The gold level participant will have access to the online TEC program and teaching resources only.  This is considered our Limited Access level.  The Gold level participation is $595.00* with your goal for completion in six months.

PLATINUM Level Participation – This is considered our Full Access level. The platinum level participant will have access to the online TEC program and teaching resources plus additional value added benefits and support as listed below.  The cost for this level is $745 ($595.00 program cost plus $24.99 each module (x6) which allows the following value added benefits and support:

  • Enhanced resources to support the tea professional to include presentation materials, handouts and audio communications. (+-$400.00)
  • Daily Personal Protocol Coach (PPC) bonus audios appearing below the lesson plan on the home page - 20 per module.  Each provides one minute protocol coaching sessions to enhance your professionalism. ($125.00 Value).
  • Two - One Hour Personal Coaching Sessions to be scheduled within the six month period of the course ($500 Value).
  • Monthly Gift ($200 Value)
  • Up to one hour monthly general discussions call to answer any questions and have a group discussion.($300.00)
  • Access to discussion board and social networking.
  • Affiliate Rewards program opportunity.

Re-certification:  To ensure professional, continuing education, The Tea Etiquette Certification must be renewed every three years. The re-certification fee is $95.00 and includes a refresher course, testing, and updated certificate upon satisfactory completion.

WEBSITE UNDER RE-DESIGN - REGISTRATION WILL RE-OPEN IN JUNE - If you are ready to get started and can commit your time to the 6 part program, it is easy to get started!  Simply: 1-Register  2-Pay  3-Login     Upon approval of the website admin, you will receive notice of your ability to log in and begin your first module.

Thank you for taking time to review benefits of Tea Etiquette Certification.  We hope that you will join us to help make your journey a success as a tea professional.


*PAYMENT DETAILS:  Each level of membership includes the TEC program for $595.  The higher/platinum membership level includes additional resources, support, etc. as noted above and requires an additional fee.  Each membership level offers a full payment option lumping these sums together as one payment.  If you would prefer a payment plan, you will pay off the total due in 6 months plus a $95 convenience fee.  Payment in full will save you $95.

GOLD $595 full payment or $115 per month payment plan for six months

PLATINUM $745 full payment or $140 per month payment plan for six months


PAYMENT PLAN (6 installments):
If you would prefer a payment plan, please contact us for enrollment procedures.

Please refer to Policies through the FAQ link on the home page.

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